When I stopped buying bottled water...


Over a month ago I received the Ohyo Collapsabottle to review for the organization MyStyle. 

 Product Explanation

The idea behind Ohyo Collapsabottle is that it will substitute the PET bottle and keeps the user from buying bottled water. The design helps the user to take the Ohyo with him wherever he goes due to its ability to become really compact when the function as bottle is no longer needed. They are sold for about €4,50 per unit and €6,- for a pair. In short, I love it. The Ohyo has a character of its own. The squeaky sounds and the quirky shape gives the Ohyo the characteristics you will love. The Ohyo also functions really well as conversation material, because people ask me what 'that funny thing' is all the time and after a short explanation they like it instantly. The product motivates me to drink more and makes it even fun. Finally the fact that the logo is readable even upside down is something a graphic designer really appreciates.


My Opinion

I will now explain in further detail my findings after using the product for over a month. During this time there were several negative aspects that I wanted to share with you guys. First I would like to talk about the lid. The very first time the lid felt rather fragile due to the mechanism needed to open the tip. This tip is supposed to click in a certain angle that makes it possible to drink properly. This tip does not always open correctly. There have been several situations where I clicked the tip in the position without looking and when I tried to drink it, it spilled water all over my work because I didn't click it in the right position. The side of the lid also doesn't provide enough grip to comfortably open and close.


Secondly I would like to talk about the last part of the Ohyo, the container. I noticed very soon that the maximum amount of water that the container could hold was barely 500ml. That sounds like a lot but that's just a few sips, which is not enough if you're planning a trip of more than two hours. However, when the bottle is empty, the Ohyo can be collapsed to less then 30% of its original size which makes it a good travel companion. The material used to make the container is recycled LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene), this makes the Ohyo durable and dishwasher safe. Based on a test done by an independent company the container can last up to 9 years of intensive usage. This really decreases the CO2 footprint. Also, when collapsed, the Ohyo also provides as a good beach toy to throw to each other when you’re bored.


Design ★★★☆☆
Playful design, but weak mechanism and to small.

Sustainability ★★★★☆
The idea behind it is nice, but the material used is still (recycled) plastic nonetheless,

Price ★★★☆☆
Very expensive for a plastic bottle, but cheap for its lifetime.

Recommendations for the producers of the Ohyo.

• The collapsing and expanding design provides interesting space for graphics. You might even consider giving it awesome graphics that still work even when collapsed. • If you would make an Ohyo bottle which contains 750 or even 1000ml, I would buy it without hesitation. This is really the aspect I dislike the most. It forced me to fill it up too many times and if my journey is longer than two hours I am forced to buy bottled water at a supermarket. • Finally, the lid could use more grip and haptic feedback to know when it's properly closed, this is not clear at the moment.


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