When I went to Doel...

There is nothing more awesome to capture on a analog camera than a deserted town.

"Hey, let's go to a deserted town!"

Tom said as he was hiding behind the screen of his laptop. Shortly after his comment we started searching for a nearby town where we could take the car and shoot a few pictures. A town called 'Doel' quickly showed up and so Tom, my brother and me went to the town called Doel in Belgium near the Dutch border.

"What is this place?!"

The reason why Doel is deserted was very clear upon arrival and can be seen clearly on the second picture. They wanted to open up a Nuclear Energy Plant in stead of the town and demanded the residents of Doel to leave the town, most of them did except a few. The plant got build anyway and the residents that remained in Doel stayed there to make a statement against Nuclear Energy. 

An interesting photography road nonetheless